Multi Purpose Trails….for kids.

This past weekend I was honored to be a part of a hardworking group of volunteers with one goal in mind: to build multi-purpose trails designed for use specifically for kids.

Before we started the planned route was nothing more than a 34 year old stand of pine trees, (which had been planted by and Ag Club), an overgrown gully and an open field. When we finished we had a 1/4 mile loop of winding, twisting, fun singletrack.

This week is Bike Club at Erwin Middles School and we cannot wait to see the look on the kid’s faces as they see this.

Hopefully this will inspire the community to get out and get walking. The trails will also benefit the cross country team and PE classes. The possibilities are limitless.

Huge thanks to the team of volunteers, the Erwin Middle School Bike Club, Healthy Buncombe, the Blue Ridge Bicycle Dealers Assoc and Long Cane Trails for the time and effort!

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