February Update

  • In 2016, thanks to our amazing community, we were able to provide 538 total riders with an experience that will last a life time.
  • Did you know that we don’t charge the youth or organizations that we partner with?  Because of generous friends like you, we are able to offer rides to our community’s youth without charge!  Please continue helping us: Click here to donate.
  • The Bicycle Thrift Shop is stocked with lots of adult bikes in the $100-$200 range, and some higher end items like a couple of Industry 9 wheel sets,  stop by and check it out.  (check Facebook page for updated hours).
  • Industry 9 has donated another wheel set this year to help us raise the funds to fulfill our mission: Only 80 tickets out of 100 are left: Click Here.
  • Interested in volunteering?  As we grow, we are seeing the need to partner with folks who have more specialized knowledge and experience.   We can always use help with our ride programs, after school bike clubs and in The Bicycle Thrift Shop.  In addition, we are looking for folks who want to partner with us in the following roles: Marketing/outreach, volunteer recruitment, website content/newsletter, online forms development( waivers, applications etc), fundraising/events and accounting/book keeping.  If you have special skills and interest in helping us reach our goals, contact Stephen : stephen@tripsforkidswnc.com

We are looking forward to serving our WNC youth again in 2017 and are forever grateful for your support!!

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