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At first glance, the 600-square-foot Bicycle Thrift Shop looks like a cubbyhole for discarded jerseys, muddied cleats and bikes that have been down a few trails. But a closer look reveals a gold mine for cycling enthusiasts on a budget…

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Trips For Kids WNC goes racin’

Congrats to one of our awesome volunteers,   Jebediah Wilcons!!  Not only does he volunteer for after school bike clubs, but he is part of our grassroots race team,  out there spreading the word about what we do, and challenging himself at the same time.  We appreciate you, Jebediah!


Jebediah’s race report:

“First race of the season in the bag. Windy day in Greenville, SC for the Hincapie spring training series. Two guys went off the front after some sharp attacks, two by yours truly, and weren’t seen again. I attacked what was left of the field with 11 miles to go and brought another rider with me. We stayed clear of the shattered pack and worked really well together. I put in my run for the line a little early, 350 meters out, and caught the rider I had been working with a bit off guard and held him off putting the wnc trips for kids jersey on the podium. Good day”.

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Industry Nine Wheelset Raffle

Industry Nine Wheelset Raffle is on. 

Click the link above to get your ticket before it is too late.

Only 100 tickets available.  Drawing will be held when all 100 tickets are sold.


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Happy 4 year Anniversary!

Thanks to an amazing community, we have successfully completed 4 yrs of providing mountain bike outings to youth who would not otherwise have that opportunity.

Thanks to all of the individuals, organizations, companies, bike shops etc who have made this program possible.  Working together, I firmly believe that we have made our community a better place.

We are looking forward to another full  year of riding.

Thank you Western North Carolina and beyond!

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Bookwalter Binge

After a year of hard work, the team at Bookwalter Binge woke up to some potentially dangerous conditions and decided to cancel the ride.   Having food and prizes ready to go, the team chose to have  a lunch party at Pisgah Brewing,instead of the ride.   The place was packed,  the food was great, old friends and new friends mingled.

George Hincappie, Brent Bookwalter, Tejay Van Garderen, Ally Starcher, among other pros, kindly joined us for the revelry.  It was an honor to have these folks come out and support what we do.

We don’t have a final number for amount of funds raise, but when we do, we’ll let you know.  Proceeds will benefit our after school bike club partnership programs!!

Huge thanks to Jamie Bookwalter for spending most of her spare time this year grabbing this event by the horns.   We love people who support what we do!!

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A Volunteer Needs Your Help

Click this link to donate:

2 yrs ago, Jaimee Johnsen moved to Asheville, NC looking for a change of scenery and a new start. Most of you reading this have been in that situation.

Jaimee jumped in feet first, volunteering for Trips For Kids WNC, and helping out at local races such as ORAMM and PMBAR. She got hooked on bikes and became so passionate about sharing her new love, that she recently landed a job working at Sycamore Cycles in Hendersonville.

She started training and racing and was becoming quite a fierce competitor.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Jaimee was wrapping up a training ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, when a vehicle made a left turn in front of her. With nowhere to go, she hit the car with the collision causing her to flip over the bars and land in the hospital. Concussion, fractured skull, fractured femur, damage to ACL and PCL are some of the injuries.

We have all been in a position where we coule use a little help from our friends. Some of us have been in a position where we could use a lot of help from our friends. Jaimee is in the latter position.

5 days in the hospital, combined with recovery and rehab treatments in the future will leave her with a lot of medical bills. In addition, it will be a while before she can return to work and earn some income. Rent, food, and other bills will add up quickly.

The good news is that Western North Carolina has a tight cycling community. A community that supports each other in victory and defeat. And this is our time to come together and help one of our own. Knowing that it could be any one of us at anytime who needs a helping hand, this is our time to help Jaimee.

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Janes

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Bookwalter Binge

2014 Bookwalter Binge Charity Gran Fondo

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New Edition Cycling Jersey and Shorts!

 We are doing a re-order of these jerseys in the Classic Race Cut.  If you want one,  e-mail me:  If I get 3 more women interested, I will place an order for women’s race cut as well.  $50 each.

Orders due Monday, Aug 4-  9am.


If you ever wanted to contribute but didn’t know how,  if you want to be part of our grassroots team and join other people just like you,  if you are interested in promoting what we do,  here is your chance!!

In partnership with.  They are hosting a pre order sale on their web-site through the end of October.  Delivery should be in December, just in time for Christmas!  (There jerseys are race cut so order one size up if you like a more relaxed fit.)

“Our high-end jersey in a traditional raglan pattern. Made from Coolmax with flatlock stitching.

Sizing is available in men’s and women’s fit XS-3XL.”


The best “entry level” custom bib shorts on the market.
Features a fully printable U-Wrap panel, silicon leg grippers, and mesh bib straps.”
To pre-order yours simply click on the link: Starlight Apparel: Trips For Kids WNC
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Here Goes…


Well,  its Friday and I toe the line in 2 days.  It is going to be a huge weekend and I’m looking forward to the challenge.   Trips For Kids WNC is sponsoring a Rest Stop #2 in both the JMC and ORAMM.  In addition, I am racing ORAMM.

I must say,  I am blessed to have a crew of volunteers running the stops each day.  Especially on Sunday,  having friends that will be working for the cause and rooting me on at the same time.  That’s special and I don’t take that for granted!  I have cool friends and I’m thankful that they call me a friend.

I’m getting to the end of the 2014 summer ride program.  It has been a great summer and I am worn out.  I haven’t had time to train consistently, and it is getting hotter by the day.   Lot’s of challenges in trying to prep for a 63 mile mountain bike race.

But,  nothing compared to the challenges that the kids in the program face everyday and will continue to face in their futures,  if you are paying attention, you understand.  If you don’t know what I am talking about,  go volunteer for a local youth agency that serves the underprivileged.

And so, I dedicate this ride to the kids.  That’s right,  this one is for the kids.  I hope I can inspire!

Stephen Janes

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